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The Friends of Laurel Park (FLP), formerly the Laurel Park Civic Association, is a non-profit(501(c)(3), that has supported the town of Laurel Park since 2017.  It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that convenes monthly open meetings which all residents are welcome to attend. 

To All Residents of Laurel Park…  The FLP works in tandem with the town to support and augment many town activities such as supporting the upcoming Centennial events, building the Jump Off Rock stage, blue bird box program, reconstruction of the historic Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) walls, foot paths, Monday yoga, and vine control.  We also sponsor our own events such as concerts at Jump Off Rock or history tours of our “town on the mountain.” We very much want your feedback and suggestions for what kind of events or activities you would enjoy attending! Please complete the survey below and click "SEND FEEDBACK".
Events: What events that FLP has sponsored have you enjoyed? (Check all that apply)
What events would you like to add to the list? (Check all that apply)
Connecting with you: What is the best way to send information on FLP events to you? (Check all that apply)
Would you like to volunteer to support FLP events?

Thank you for your time and support for the Friends of Laurel Park by completing this survey.  So we can reach you to discuss any issues you have raised, please give us your:

Thanks for your feedback!

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