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As a non-profit organization,

the mission of the Friends of Laurel Park

is to work with residents, businesses and the Town of Laurel Park to enhance the lifestyle in our community by promoting health and wellness activities, providing education on our

history and culture and maintaining and complementing

the natural beauty of our “Town on the Mountain.”

Friends of Laurel Park is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest

extent allowable by law.


Welcome!  The board members of the Friends of Laurel Park welcome you to our “Town on the Mountain.”  Formed by Laurel Park residents, the Friends of Laurel Park is an incorporated, nonprofit organization designed to benefit the community of Laurel Park—its residents and visitors.

To achieve our mission, we host events for all ages geared toward community involvement, enjoyment and education.  We provide cultural and social information on the history of Laurel Park, promote health and wellness through activities such as the development of neighborhood walking trails and enhance the town’s natural beauty with plantings.

Friends of Laurel Park (also known as FLP) has been awarded nonprofit status by the State of North Carolina and the Federal IRS with the designation of 501(c)(3), allowing all contributions to be tax deductible—a real benefit to you as a donor—and also allowing us to apply for Federal, State, local and private grants to help us accomplish our goals.

How can you become a “Friend” of Laurel Park?

As a “Friend,” you have the unique opportunity to meet neighbors and put your skills and talents to work in support of the many projects and events that make Laurel Park an even better place to live!  You can make a difference by volunteering and donating to the FLP.

Volunteering.  Committees are forming to achieve the FLP goals listed above—social events, history, education and beautification to name a few.  See the attached list of committees.  Or, perhaps you have an idea or expertise that you would like to bring to the table for consideration.

Donations.  Since 100% of our funding will come from donations, used exclusively to benefit Laurel Park, we encourage you to consider making the FLP one of your annual investments.  Remember, your donation is tax deductible and will be put to excellent use.

We are excited about the possibility of getting to know you and working with you.  Please visit our website and like us on Facebook to learn more.  Watch for invitations to events and opportunities to join the FLP as we work together to support our wonderful town!

The Members of the FLP Board of Directors


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