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The Friends of Laurel Park (FLP) regret having to cancel its three music events scheduled for August – October, due to Covid19 concerns.  However, Yoga classes will continue until the end of September on Monday evenings at 6 pm at Jump Off Rock (JOR).  


On a positive note, the FLP and Town of Laurel Park shared in building a new earthen stage at JOR that should receive a lot of use for music events, weddings, and yoga classes.   Plans are underway to install a safety barrier on the back of the stage before it can be used.


A third announcement concerns the joint gardening activities of FLP and the Parks and Greenways Committee.  A Zoom meeting will take place on Sept. 15 at 7 pm and volunteers are being solicited to “Adopt a Garden.”  To connect on the Zoom call (with Ed Mattern, FLP President) click on the icon and leave your name and email address. 

Yoga at Jump Off Rock 

Yoga will continue 6 pm every Monday through September with Sophia Wilson.

In addition, Yam Yoga will be starting sunrise yoga at JOR starting this

Thursday at 7AM for the entire month.  

As always, all of our yoga classes are free.

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